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We at Stay Lit Candle LB have created skin treats. These skin treats consist of Moisture Balm and massaging moisturizing candle. Hypoallergenic. 

Moisture Balm- This balm is made with a vegan alternative to Beeswax. This was is called Carnauba Wax known as the "Tree of Life" (derived from Brazilian palm tree). This is a barrier that holds in moisture. It also has butters and oils.

Massage Moisturizing candle- This candle is made with Soy wax which has proteins, amino acids, and lipids that will moisturize your skin and provide rapid cell regeneration. We also add a couple of butters oils and antioxidants. We can also add CBD for chronic muscle pain and muscle soreness. 

We use essential oils for scent in both products. The Massaging Moisturizing candle main purpose is for making the skin feel and look good. This candle will have scent but not as strong a soy wax candle. 
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