During the Summer months, due to the hot temperatures during the transporting process, we will be only shipping orders Monday-Wednesday. Orders made after this time will be shipped the following Monday. We are also changing our packaging to make sure your candles reach you intact.

Stay Lit 100% Soy Candles

We here at Stay Lit Candles LB introduce to you our 100% soy candles that have been hand poured with love, cured with patience and wrapped with quality for a great scent experience.

Stay Lit Scent Collections

Classic Scents

Classic Scents are our tradition scents. Jar sizes are 7 oz, 9.5 oz, and 16 oz.

Signature Scents

Wooden Wick Signature Scented Candles uniquely created with a more complex Earthy/Herb fragrance formula. These are scents you will only smell from us! Jar size 9 oz.

Wax Melts and Fragrance warmer

Wax melts classic or signature scents. Fragrance warmer is a 2-n-1 warmer for wax melts and up to 10 oz candle. Fragrance warmer comes in 2 colors.

Holiday/Special Occasion Scents

These scents will change with the seasons, holidays and any special occasion/event. These scents will be specially created to give you an experience that you will continue to remember every time it is lit!

Wick Trimmers

These beautiful wick trimmers come in Black or Rose Gold. These wick trimmers will trim cotton and wood wicks.

Room/Linen Sprays

Our room/linen sprays can be used in rooms and on linen. They will give your room and linen a nice and soothing scent.

Car/Oil air fresheners

These Car/Oil air fresheners are a 3 for 1 deal. This oil can be used as car freshener, burning oil or incense oil.

Skin Essentials

In this collection we have our Moisturizing Massage Candle and Moisture Balm. Each have several butters, oils and even wax. These ingredients are good for moisture, nourishment and skin protection.

"Stay Lit with US"

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy our candles.

Smells amazing! Wonderful service! I loved the handwritten note that accompanied my order. ❤️


These candles are amazing! I purchased Stilettos for myself and two of the Black Love candles as gifts. I smelled mine and lit it right away and had to stop myself from lighting the gifts. I also appreciated how responsive and fast Samara was, both with communication and shipping. I can't wait to support more often and try all the scents!


I received my candles on today and was very satisfied. I will be ordering more. I could smell my candles through the box. I look forward to purchasing more to add to my collection!!!


Amazing candles! The scents are on point, packaging is adorable and shipping/customer service EXCELLENT!


Custom content

Stay Lit Candles LB

Stay Lit Candes LB is a husband and wife collaboration discovered in our kitchen because we were excited about the idea of creating our own candles. We both love candles and were spending plenty of money purchasing candles from retail stores. One day my husband, LB, said to me “Babe we should make our own candles” and I replied “If we make them then we will sell them.” LB, the brains of this operation, took on the challenge of researching and finding the perfect formula which makes our candles special. I, on the other hand, took on the face, marketing and promoting of our affordable, hand poured, 100% soy candles.

Here we are the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey together creating a product that provides relaxation from the stresses of life and building something to pass down to our children and generations to come. Together we make this great team that brings Stay Lit Candles LB to your home and family.